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Featured Videos #1

Watch Dermot Neely and Paul Hamilton discuss the different biological lipid transport pathways, how we measure lipids in the blood and how to distinguish between beneficial and non-beneficial lipids, and the national guidelines for lipid management in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.
Watch Ahmet Fuat and Maggie Simpson discuss the recent guidelines for the diagnosis, classification and management of heart failure, including a discussion on the phenotypic subtypes and applicable updated treatment strategies that can help manage your patients with heart failure.
Join Hibba Kurdi as she discusses both the benefits of, and challenges associated with, pursuing research in cardiology. You can also read the first in a four-part series by Hibba and colleagues published in the British Journal of Cardiology.
Join Dr Shrilla Banerjee as she discusses her own journey into interventional cardiology and some of the barriers she overcame along the way. This episode also touches on key developments in the field and alludes to what further advancements we can expect in the future.
Follow Dr Sarah Birkhoelzer and Clara Portwood as they discuss the current climate of the cardiology workforce, focusing on key insights and survey studies to explain potential reasons for underrepresentation of women in cardiology.
The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) 2023 congress featured results from a wide range of thought-provoking clinical trials. Dr Sarah Birkhoelzer and Dr Aaron Henry run through ten of the most noteworthy, including STEP-HFpEF, NOAH AFNET and HEART-FID.
Professor Terry McCormack and Dr Devin Gray recap some of the new evidence presented at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) 2023 congress with the greatest impact on primary care: a head-to-head comparison of statins, bempedoic acid for reducing LDL cholesterol, and managing the ongoing cardiovascular risks in patients living with, or who have recovered from, cancer.

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