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Tackling gender inequality in the cardiology workforce

11 November 2023
Follow Dr Sarah Birkhoelzer and Clara Portwood as they discuss the current climate of the cardiology workforce, focusing on key insights and survey studies to explain potential reasons for underrepresentation of women in cardiology.


Dr Sarah Birkhoelzer Cardiology Registrar & Clinical Research Fellow, University of Oxford; Member of The British Cardiovascular Society Women in Cardiology Committee
Clara Portwood Final year medical student, University of Oxford, Winner of the 2022 Women in Cardiology Essay Prize (British Cardiovascular Society Women in Cardiology)

Learning objectives


      • Reasons for underrepresentation of women in the cardiology workforce

      • Various fields of specialsation in the cardiology field

      • How to improve the level of underrepresentation of women in the cardiology workforce


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