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The COVID-19 cardiovascular legacy: long COVID and its complications

30 April 2024
COVID-19, and specifically long COVID, is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Listen as Professor Banerjee describes his work in this area, especially the STIMULATE-ICP trial, which looks at long COVID’s physiological and social impact. Find out about what the NHS is doing to tackle COVID-19 and its associated cardiovascular and metabolic abnormalities.


Amitava Banerjee, Professor of Clinical Data Science, University College London, and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist, UCLH and Barts Health NHS Trust


Learning objectives
  • Learn how cardiovascular disease is both a risk factor and an outcome of the COVID-19 infection.
  • Know the evidence behind multi-organ and metabolic damage in long COVID,  as well as the prevention of long COVID.
  • Understand the clinical trials that have successfully incorporated a learning health system approach to improve the recovery of people living with long COVID.


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