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Virtual wards, virtual hospitals – virtual success and here to stay?

23 February 2024
Medical technology is rapidly evolving, leading to numerous innovations in healthcare. One such development is the introduction of virtual wards. Join Niall Keenan (West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust) as he provides an insight into the benefit of virtual wards. Niall also discusses promising advancements in technology, how virtual wards were implemented locally and what developments we can expect in the future.


Niall Keenan, Consultant Cardiologist and Associate Medical Director, West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Clinical Advisory Group Chair, Virtual Wards, NHS England, East of England
National Steering Group Member, Virtual Wards, NHS England


Learning objectives
  • To understand the role of virtual wards and general principles around this type of care.
  • To appreciate how virtual wards have resulted in improved patient care and why they are needed to tackle the rising challenges around in-patient care in many hospitals.
  • To develop an understanding of the type of patient that can benefit most from virtual wards and the subsequent cost savings to the NHS.


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