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Masterclass: Foundational drugs: Evidence-based prescribing in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF)

8 November 2023
Available for 1 CPD point(s)


Watch Professor Paul Kalra and Professor John McMurray provide an overview of the treatment changes which have taken place in recent years and transformed the management of HFrEF. They also outline strategies to improve the management of HFrEF, and the management of high-risk patients and those with chronic kidney disease.

Professor Paul Kalra Professor of Cardiology, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, UK
Professor John McMurray Professor of Medical Cardiology, University of Glasgow, UK

Learning objectives
  • The main changes in HFrEF therapy in recent years
  • The role of SGLT2 inhibitors and MRAs in the management of HFrEF
  • Working with patients and healthcare professionals to improve the management of HFrEF
  • Management of HFrEF in people with chronic kidney disease
  • Management of high-risk HFrEF patients
Learning module instructions

This BJC TV Learning module has a recommended award of 1 CPD credit for completion (1 hour of learning).
Completion requires a score of at least 80%. If less time is spent learning, then you should claim a reduced credit value.
After you have successfully completed the test you will be able to download your certificate.


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