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Masterclass: Hypertriglyceridaemia: from fish oils to fibrates

24 May 2024
Available for 1 CPD point(s)


Join us for this masterclass with Dermot Neely and Derek Connolly as they explore hypertriglyceridaemia, what this means for your health and ways in which it can be tackled and improved.

Dr Derek Connolly Consultant Cardiologist  at Birmingham City Hospital, Birmingham
Dr Dermot Neely Retired Lipidologist, HEART UK Trustee

Learning objectives

  • Triglycerides as a target for treatment
  • How treatment can improve outcomes
  • The role of highly-purified omega-3 fatty acid (icosapent ethyl) to treat hypertriglyceridaemia
  • Early versus later omega-3 fatty acid studies
  • REDUCE-IT – randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial looking at cardiovascular risk reduction with icosapent ethyl for hypertriglyceridaemia

Learning module instructions

This BJC TV Learning module has a recommended award of 1 CPD credit for completion (1 hour of learning). Completion requires a score of at least 80%. If less time is spent learning, then you should claim a reduced credit value. After you have successfully completed the test you will be able to download your certificate.

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